Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write anime

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Materialzed view rewrite

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Note: Oracle features and options constantly change, so please call your CSR or check MOSC for the latest Oracle features and options packages. Oracle is one of the world's most powerful and complex software packages, and Oracle professionals often struggle to understand its wealth of features and options.

Apr 10,  · I am getting the following message: ORA feature not enabled: Materialized view rewrite - when running the following code: CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW "MATTOCT"."SM_TEST_NUD_NB_T01" ON PREBUILT TABLE REFRESH FORCE ON DEMAND ENABLE QUERY REWRITE AS select * from SM_TEST_NUD_NB_T01 - input table has been.

Is it possible to add a Partion on existing table; Breadcrumb. Question and Answer. Thanks for the question, shan. // materialized views defined on it or had a materialized view log // defined on it or is a master. // *Action: Drop all materialized views and materialized view logs before ORA feature not enabled: Online.

CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG ON acquisitions TABLESPACE users WITH PRIMARY KEY INCLUDING NEW VALUES; I am trying to create a materialized view log on my master table acquisition.

Refresh on Materialized View

Failed to create a materialized view log on master table. ORA feature not enabled: Advanced replication - "feature not enabled: %s" *Cause. ORA feature not enabled: Materialized view rewrite I am running this quer as SYS. Also the value of Materialized view rewrite is FALSE.

XE :: ORA-00439 / Feature Not Enabled / Partitioning In 10g

Please guide me to change this value to TRUE and to run the query successfully.

Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write anime
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