Vietnams inflation

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Vietnam's inflation rate hits record 10-year low

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Vietnam - Overview of economy

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Big challenges face Vietnam's economy

Figure 1: The above plot shows the inflation adjusted value of both overall GDP and agricultural GDP in Vietnam over the years. Figure 2: The above plot shows how closely the overall GDP growth rate and the agricultural GDP growth rate move together in Vietnam.

Our firm Vietnams inflation been operating in Vietnam for several years with offices and the business has been growing steadily throughout since the beginning. Apr 28,  · Inflation reached % in the first quarter ofafter averaging % in and % in In on average, we expect inflation to remain below the official target of 5% as administrative price pressures ease.

Sky-high inflation and a slew of labor strikes have brought the Vietnamese economy to its knees. Host Bob Moon speaks with Marketplace's Scott Tong in Beijing about Vietnam's economic future.

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Vietnams inflation
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